About Us

At ICC, we specialise in the development, construction and management of logistics assets.

Since 2014, we have been investing jointly with multinational funds in each of our projects, and as local partner we implement their strategic investment model in the Spanish market, sharing part of the risk in each operation.


Our knowledge of international trends in the sector has made us a reference in the real estate and logistics sector, and our expertise in the SPANISH market comes from the experience we have accumulated in all areas involved in the real estate sector.

We offer a comprehensive approach with a global vision, acting on the local level.

ICC can offer the highest yields tailored to fit our partners’ risk level.

We develop logistics assets that meet the most demanding requirements, in harmony with the surrounding area and staying ahead of market trends.

We are the reference partner for creating real estate and logistics solutions with the focus on technology, innovation and sustainability.



At ICC we take a GLOBAL view, but we act on the local level

High-quality assets

At ICC we develop high-quality, innovative and sustainable logistics platforms that meet current market requirements and increasingly demanding customer criteria, backed by over 20 years of experience in the development and management of logistics assets.


ICC applies the highest levels of quality and sustainability to all of the projects it takes on.

One of our key goals is to make logistics a more sustainable activity. We therefore seek to optimise consumption, reduce CO2 footprint and the environmental impact of our logistics warehouses.

Independent organisations such as the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and BREEAM certify the quality of our projects as regards the environment, energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, interior design and innovation, and the construction of healthy environments that improve people’s quality of life through environmental certifications such as LEED SILVER category.

Customer service

At ICC, we prioritise building stable relationships with our customers based on transparency and business expertise, offering them logistics warehouses that help optimise their supply chains.

We take a customer-centric approach to developing tailor-made projects.

One of our main pillars is to offer the best locations, easy access and connection to major transport networks.

We support our customers throughout the process, advising them on the town planning regulations applicable at national, Autonomous Community or local level.

We offer them assistance with the technical definition of the building and facilities planning and ensuring that the building is legally compliant.

ICC plays an active role in the entire value chain.


Sustainability and innovation are hard-wired into our company DNA. The innovative design of our assets means that, once finished, the costs of operation and maintenance are minimised, along with energy consumption.
We always use cutting-edge technology in our buildings to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their service life.

Flexible approach

We take a flexible approach to our investment strategy. We use value-add strategies that target finding market discounts, creating real estate value through active management, and similarly core plus strategies designed to keep assets in the portfolio long-term and with moderate risk-to-profitability ratios, although some assets do require a degree of enhancement.

We have direct management and administration capacity for all of our properties.

We seek optimum solutions, competitive earnings and buildings managed and maintained to the highest standards for our customers, with the tightest cost control.